​Re-imagining the ordinary

Friday Lawrence is a Herefordshire-born jewellery designer and maker. Having studied and lived in Bristol for many years Friday is now designing and making from her workshop in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The daughter of a farrier/blacksmith, Friday has spent a lifetime surrounded by utilitarian metalwork and the smell of the forge. These influences are clear in her work, which uses objects from everyday life and casts them in silver.

Friday’s earliest ventures into creative industries came as a child when she would hand stitch small dolls and their outfits. This early love of clothing carried through into adulthood when she studied fashion and textiles, going on to design and sell clothes and accessories.

After bringing up her daughter and following a career in the care services industry, a course at the workshop of Bristol jeweller and friend Alice Goldsack changed everything. The forgotten joy of the creative process drew her in and a passion for silverwork was born.

Friday’s inspiration comes from the world that surrounds her – from the horseshoe nails of her earliest childhood to the industrial, mechanical and electrical components picked up on her day-to-day travels. Any object of interest can be adapted, re-cast, and transformed from ordinary to fabulous. The effect of these commonplace items being taken out of context and presented in precious metals is spellbinding and irresistible.